Farmer Wants a Wife

I can understand the appeal of life on a farm. The air is clean and fresh. Space and land is abundant for gardening. Without city lights, the night sky is clear and starry. It is a simple way of living.

These are the things I must keep telling myself. Why? Because I am about to embark upon a magical journey westward bound. That’s right. My husband and I are buying a farm.

Let me be clear, nothing is a done deal yet. We don’t even have a place picked out. We haven’t even sold our current home yet. But, the decision to move has been made. I am going to Green Acres. I will be a pioneer woman. I am going to tame the west. I will milk the cows, goats and anything else unlucky enough to be lactating on my property. You will find me toiling in the fields of endless corn…or soybeans…or whatever they grow these days.

A little background on the story… My husband is a city-boy turned country-man. He grew up in suburban St. Louis, just like me. We both grew up with neighbors, mass transit, and pollution. However, late in his teens, my husband’s parents purchased an 87-acre farm in Jonesburg, Missouri. If you have never heard of Jonesburg, you are not alone. It is pretty far from St. Louis. In fact, unless you drive to Mizzou often, you might not even notice you have passed it on Interstate 70. The town is about 15 miles west of Warrenton, which you might recognize by it’s large, failed outlet mall.

Over the years, his parents turned their property into an outdoor paradise, a playground for adults. His mother transformed the barren land into a gardener’s oasis, with every type of plant, shrub, flower and yard art you can find. His father tore down an old barn and built a new one. It now houses farm machinery of all sorts. The whole place is spectacular. In the fall, they hosted bonfires and hayrides. In the winter, they have us over for a country style Christmas.

The lifestyle is appealing to my husband, who is a “John Deere enthusiast” to put it mildly. To be straightforward, he is rather obsessive. He collects John Deere memorabilia and owns a John Deere tractor and ATV. I will have to expound upon his collection in another post. There is too much to say here. The point I am trying to make is that it will be easier for him to be a tractor enthusiast outside of suburban St. Louis.

I am looking forward to this experience because I think I will learn new lessons and get closer to my husband. Who knows? Maybe I will be successful enough to quit my day job and run a vegetable stand out of the back of my pick-up truck on the side of the road. But I hope not.

I dive into this venture with no illusions. I know it is going to be very hard work. I know it will be difficult. I know it will involve a lot of sweat and Benadryl. But, at the end of the day, I will be able to look out at my organic garden and say, “I did it and I am proud of it.”

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