A Simple Life: What My Dogs Have Taught Me

all I need in life is a giant bone

Last night I realized I’ve been taking more pleasure out of the simple things in life. It might be that with tighter budgets, we have all been forced to enjoy what we have now instead of striving for bigger and better things.

I reflected on this last night as my husband and I sat on the back porch, enjoying the 65-degree evening, looking out on our tiny yard. Our labs, Roxy and Bam, enjoyed pure bliss in the form of a two-foot long rawhide bone for each of them. We didn’t need to go out to a fancy restaurant, a show or an excursion. We had enough adventure in our own backyard.

We talked about how nice it was to stay home. We reflected on life and love over the past 9 years. And we watched our goofy canines in their element, doing what they do best.
I hope that we all use this time to appreciate the simple things from now on. It’s not always about being the biggest or the best. Sometimes it’s just about being happy.

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