An Honest Man, An Anniversary and Some UnfortunatePoofy Pants

I’ve heard it’s hard to find an honest man these days. I, on the other hand, am fortunate enough to be married to one. When I describe him as honest, I mean he is brutally, gut-wrenchingly honest. And I totally love him for it.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new pair of trousers to wear to work. On my way out the door on the first day I was wearing them, my husband was kind enough to inform me, without prompting, that the pants made me look fat. “They just make you look really poofed out in front,” he explained, presumably to lessen the blow.

That’s right ladies, back off. This smooth-talker is mine.

Seriously, though. What man does that? I mean, isn’t that in the handbook? If a woman asks you if she looks fat in those pants, you always, always say no. And you never volunteer the fact that she looks fat. To my husband though, he was just trying to let me know a fact. He told me to try a belt. The belt did make the pants look less poofy in front. Still, my coworkers were shocked and thought it was hilarious that a man would say that.

He is honest about everything. If I am an emotional wreck, he lets me know that I am unstable. If I say something dumb, he is quick to correct me. He is always there to remind me that I am a horrible driver.

Now, I know some people might think these are terrible things, but the truth is, I LOVE the fact that my husband can be honest with me about the little things because I know I can trust him with the big things. Plus, it gives me leeway to return the same kind of grief.

Also, I’m not the kind of girl who needs a lot of sentimental or shallow romantic gestures. To me, the most romantic thing you can do is give me the remote, do the dishes or mow the lawn. Now that is romance. Having worked in a florist for 6 years in high school and college, I got completely burned out on the notion of giving flowers and chocolates to your sweetheart, I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day and anniversaries seem like overkill to me.

So yesterday, on our wedding anniversary, he completely surprised me with flowers, a homemade dinner and a beautiful necklace. All of it was completely unexpected and rendered me speechless.

Later that night, I asked him why he went so far out on the anniversary celebration this year. He said, “I just think you deserve it for putting up with all of my shit all the time.”

He really is amazing.

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