And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day

My grandparents are awesome folks. They are both very smart, fun-loving, active and caring. My grandma has been using email for years and she LOVES the ‘forward’ button when it comes to a cute email.

My grandma had her knee replaced a few months ago and has been doing great ever since. After seeing her great results, my grandpa finally decided to go for a knee replacement himself this week.

The surgery went great, and my grandma was all set to take care of him for the week. The day of his surgery, she went to the hospital to visit him. It was all going well until she tripped and fell in the lobby. They immediately took her to the ER for x-rays. My poor grandma broke her arm and her shoulder!

I called her that night to see how she was doing and her reply was, “Oh, I’ve had better days.”

So now, my grandpa and my grandma are both incapacitated. Just a few days ago, they were chipper and active. It is amazing how quickly a series of unfortunate events can really change your situation, especially as you age. It scares me to think that when you get older, you need joints replaced, medicines keep you going and something as simple as a fall can really cause a downward spiral. Getting old is a scary thing! Fortunately, my grandparents have a very involved family network to take care of them.

Seeing how my whole family has come together to help out is really encouraging. I think they are going to be alright in a few weeks. Who knows? Maybe with their two brand new knees, they will take up a zumba class or something.

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