Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, Baboon Stuff…and the DMV

This past week I had some ups and downs in customer service and some exciting baboon adventures in my town.

It all started when I got my dreaded renewal reminder for my license plates. No one likes this process. Not even the people who work at the DMV. The vibe there is similar to that of a funeral for a dead puppy. No one wants to be there. Everyone is pissed off. It sucks in general.

This is why I was thrilled to discover that I could renew my license plates online! Avoid a trip to the DMV alltogether? Yes, please!

On Thursday I went to my local Autotire for my required emissions test and an oil change. I sat, and sat…and sat in the waiting area. Finally, my lunch hour was over. I had no choice but to go ask them what could possibly be taking so long. I had to get back to work after all. I found out my car was finished, and had been finished for about 45 minutes, but no one bothered to tell me. I was annoyed, but I let it go. When they told me the total, it seemed very low. I asked if it included both the emissions test and the oil change. He said, no, there was no oil change done.

Nice. I wasted my entire lunch hour and now I had to spend another day getting my oil changed somewhere else. The Autotire guy didn’t apologize for leaving me waiting, nor for forgetting to do the oil change. I was very annoyed. That is, until I heard about the baboon in my neighborhood. Yep, in case you missed it…this is what happened that day. The baboon story pretty much lifted my spirits and entertained me for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday, I went to Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Admittedly, I was in a sour mood after the previous day’s auto service experience. And, like the DMV, no one really likes to get their oil changed. Like most women, I have had the occasional experience where the guy tries to sell me every type of system flush, wiper blades, air filter, etc. I know I don’t have a Y chromosome, but seriously, I know how to change my wiper blades and an air filter. (Ok, so maybe I changed my air filter but I couldn’t get the pieces to fit back together last time, but I knew which pieces they were.)

I pulled in and was greeted by a very sweet fellow whose name now escapes me. From start to finish, the guys who worked on my car were spectacular. They were friendly and smiled. They were prompt and moved quickly. They were informative about their additional offerings without being pushy about selling me added services. It was fantastic. I was in and out before I could start being grouchy. And I even had time to grab lunch on the way back to the office. Thank you, Valvoline!

That brings me to this evening. Best license plate renewal I have ever had. Just a few clicks, and I was done! Woohoo! I am renewed for two more years, and can now avoid going to the DMV until it is time to get a new driver’s license, (or until it gets confiscated again by a bouncer who doesn’t believe I am who I say I am.)

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  1. Hmm, seems someone’s been reading my blog. I just got an email from Autotire offering me a $25 gift certificate for an oil change! I just hope they remember to actually do it this time.

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