Ode to 3 Awesome Gals

This post is dedicated to Julie, Roxy and Bam: three gals who have made my life happier in their own special ways.

I have known Julie for 12 years, having met her in high school.  She is not only an awesome person, but she is quite the entrepreneur. She launched her now highly successful Mutton Chops Pet Services, a combination pet services and pet photography business. By the way, she is so highly recommended, that her business was voted Reader Favorite by St. Louie Tails Magazine! For a long time I have wanted Julie to take pictures of my girls, Roxy and Bam. And a few months ago, I got my wish! Here’s how the session went.

“Hello there. My name’s Bam. Check out my awesome tongue!”
“Don’t mind the flipped ear.”
“My name’s Roxy. I love to swim and fetch!”
“Throw the ball! Throw the ball!”
Catching the ball in mid-air…great action shot, Julie!
Roxy usually wins the ball.
“And now for a relaxing dip in the pool. Ahhhhhh….”

Thank you to Julie for the photo session. We are happy customers. Bam and Roxy said you can come back to see them anytime.

And now, just one more photo. This is my favorite picture of Julie and Me!



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