Run for your lives! Cats at the Office!

The other day at work I had a strange run in with the resident cat lady.

this is a cat lady



At work.

It all started when I naively assumed I could go to the breakroom to wash the plethora of coffee cups that tend to accumulate on my desk throughout the day without facing some sort of drama.

Boy, was I wrong.

I came around to corner to find a fellow employee standing in front of the first aid kit with her hands bleeding all over the place.

Me: Oh my God! Are you ok? Do you need help?

Cat Lady: No. I’ve got a feral cat in my car and it clawed at me.

Me: (Open-mouthed, frightened, disgusted, shocked look on my face.)

CL: There’s a cat that has been living in the parking lot and I coaxed him into a box. I’ve been feeding him all week. I just tried to give him some salmon and he clawed at me.

Me: (Same expression as before-see above.)

CL: (Casually) I’m gonna have to get a tetanus shot tonight. Yep, I’m gonna have to get a shot.

Now, let me break this down for those of you who weren’t paying attention:

Someone in my office building has a FERAL CAT IN HER CAR. And, has been FEEDING A FERAL CAT IN HER CAR. And, today, got MAULED BY THE FERAL CAT IN HER CAR.

I don’t think there is much more to say.

At least now I know what my niece and nephew are getting for Christmas!


    • I have many, many redeeming qualities – none of which is my ability to remember personal events that don’t revolve around me. Tell mom it is her fault for raising me to be so selfish.

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