Oh Yeah We Did

weekend getaway

It seems like the moment you least expect it, your life can change. One day you’re lamenting the fact that you can’t get the place of your dreams because your current house won’t sell. The next day, you’re saying, “Screw it. Let’s take on a second mortgage!”

Ok, before you start giving me financial advice, let me explain.

I’m a farmer now.

That’s right. I’ve blogged about the decision to buy a farm and subsequently about the ups and downs of trying to sell our house in a tough market. The week after we had given up on the idea of buying a farm and taken our house off the market, we went for it.

We bought 10 acres of beautiful pasture with a barn. There’s no house – yet. We might build a house someday…but until then, we have a place to spend our weekends. And the dogs have  a place to run free!

This was our first weekend as farm owners. I worked on decorating the cabin and taking pictures while my new Farmer husband mowed the pasture and bulldozed a dirt pile. And here are the pictures to prove it:

my farmer checks out his fields
sunrise over the pasture
trees lining the back of the pasture
where our miniature donkey will reside...someday
where visitors will sleep
view from our porch
the front porch of the cabin
Welcome to the cabin!

I immediately undertook the task of a complete room makeover. I’m not quite finished yet, and I need to take some better photos – these were taken with my phone – but here’s what I have accomplished in one weekend. Not too shabby, if I do say so:

the cabin "before"
the cabin "after"
bathroom "before"
bathroom "after"
the grossest part of the makeover - scrubbing the shower
hung this myself - and got it almost level
at last, a place for the "Lovebirds"...and my new salt and pepper shakers

Special thanks to my mom for helping me paint (even though she showed up after I had almost finished it all.)

Next week: accessorizing! Gotta take as much time on the inside as I can, before the Farmer makes me get to plowing the fields.


    • Yes, just picture it. I will be dressed in my overalls, red bandanna in my hair, carrying a handmade basket out to the chicken coop…under one condition:

      We will board the chickens if you volunteer to come clean the chicken shit off of everything. Oh, and none of that “free range” bullshit either. I like my chickens to be cooped up, as inhumanely as possible.* (They’re much juicier that way.)

      *Sorry to my vegan friends. It’s a joke. Get over it. I gotta go get some honey mustard for my chicken tenders now….

  1. I am so happy for you. The land is truly beautiful. The barn is awesome. The cabin is really not unlivable. B&B for relatives? River Shanty for Grandma Newman? Home for Aunt E’s future RV that she will use to take you and all girl relatives on a drunken, pie-eating Route 66 excursion?

    With ten acres and a barn kinda “far out,” you are now officially ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. (I’m guessin’ you have a gun, freeze dried food, and a generator.)

    Your blog is awesome. I LMAO.

    • Well, Friday night we sat on the porch drinking beers and counting cars. My Farmer told me that he felt “very vulnerable” without all of his guns. From now on, we will each be sitting on the porch with a shotgun across our laps. (His will actually be loaded.)


  2. Wonderful, Annie…congratulations! This will keep you 2 off the streets. Have you met Karen Varga in IT? She and her husband did the same thing in Clinton County years ago…have her send you some pictures of her place. Good for you guys. The worst advise anyone could ever give you is “be careful.” Sometimes you just have to go for it. We only go this life once.

  3. Congratulations Annie! I’m so happy that your dreams of becoming a Farmer are actually coming to fruition. Nice work in making it homey. I’m seeing a big bonfire/weenie roast in your future…hint, hint, hint.

  4. […] go and wearing themselves out. Either way they are my best friends. Speaking of our “farm”, we just bought 10 acres in the beautiful town of Jonesburg, Missouri. It is a great place for me to go and relax and forget about the fact that my wife is at home […]

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