My New Toy

cool photoshop stuff

I hate when women gush about their spouses all over their blogs, so I have no intention of doing so. That said, sometimes my husband totally kicks ass at being a husband.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos of the farm and trying to learn how to use Photoshop to do cool stuff with them, like this.

Last week I was admiring my sister-in-law’s awesome new camera. So he went out and bought me a new Nikon camera with money he had been saving to buy himself a new toy for the farm.

It was like the Gift of the Magi, but even better since I didn’t have to buy anything for him!

I spent the whole weekend trying out all 12 megapixels, a dozen settings and a zoom lens powerful enough to take photos from 10 acres away. I read the manual cover to cover and tried all of the settings – including my new favorite: Continuous Sport. Now I can capture the girls and their athletic talents in action!

I think I’m going to make a flip book out of the pictures I took of Roxy humping Bam.


  1. […] I suck at giving gifts. I think it is a disorder. There is something in my brain that makes me incapable of finding the right gift for my husband. Of course, I give him a few stocking stuffers like socks, underwear, slippers and PJs. But each year I agonize over his “main” gift. And each year, he says he would have preferred a gift card. This year, I finally gave up. I gave him a gift card and a wad of cash to replace the money he spent on me. […]

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