4 thoughts on “I Don’t Fit In: 3 Things Social Media Has Taught Me

  1. In a word – WORD. I do like to do some themeish things because it helps me think of something to write, and I’ve been trying to build a habit of writing. And if I get to a day when I don’t want to write about the themeish thing I’d planned…I don’t. I write about something else instead. But wow, if my sister told me about her engagement (or pregnancy or whatever) on Facebook – along with everyone else, mind you, it would be different if she sent me a private FB message or something – I would never let her live it down. There are some people who should get the news first, before the whole rest of the universe.

  2. Agreed on all accounts. The social media scene in STL can be really, really cliquey (sp?) and that’s coming from someone that may or may not be in the clique…. I’m still not really sure.

    I was nominated in the RFT Awards for ‘best use of Twitter to promote a personal brand.’ Ummm ok? I didn’t really realize I was promoting a personal brand when I tweeted or blogged… I just have a lot of thoughts. That I think are worth sharing. I would probably still tweet or blog even if no one was reading it…. just because I think it is fun. In fact, I didn’t think anyone read my blogs anyway….

    -Danielle aka @daniellesmyname

    • I read your blogs. And your tweets! Most of all, I really enjoyed getting to “know” you on Twitter via your MTV quest. And if MTV thinks you are worthy, then you have definitely made it big in the social media scene.

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