This Gal Reads My Blog

I call gals, gals often. On more than one occasion someone has tittered at that nomenclature. One person asserted that ‘gal’ is outdated like ‘stewardess’ and ‘secretary.’ I guess I picked it up from my dad. In any case, I don’t wish to offend anyone, so  I’m actually thinking about switching over to ‘broads.’ But I digress.

Today’s post is all about shameless self promotion! You see, yesterday I found out that someone reads my blog! Like, a real live person. Her name is Jennifer and she is one swell gal. She gave me a “Blog Awardish Thing” which is kind of like a Grammy, but not as political as an Oscar. Basically, it’s like the Nobel Peace Prize for blogging. I’m pretty sure. Here’s the gist:

  • Annie Was Here, by a social media/PR professional in the St. Louis area. This is Annie’s personal blog, and she’s friggin’ hilarious. Almost every post about her adventures in the world, happenings on their new farm, wonderfully funny things her husband says, etc. has me in stitches.

To thank her for my Awardish, I am linking to her awesome blog here. Thank you, Jennifer, for bringing my total number of followers up to three: you, me, and CanadianRxBonerMedsXXX. Holla!


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