No one escapes high school without going through awkwardness – some of us more severely than others.

I was a complete goober from the first day of freshman year until the summer before my junior year.

After having had a rather traumatic junior high experience with male classmates, I’d chosen to attend an all-female high school.

I loved it! I wasn’t even interested in boys. In fact, I kind of acted like one. I didn’t wear makeup, cut my hair short and wore sports bras exclusively. I probably didn’t own a real bra until I was 15.

Needless to say, my first couple of years in high school were not spent going on dates, save for twice a year when I got to go to a semi-formal dance. And thus began my series of male conquests. Here’s the timeline:

Homecoming 1998: I knew no boys. So a classmate invited her friend from grade school to go with me.

Winter Dance 1999: I invited a boy I kind of had liked when I was in grade school. He said he “didn’t dance.” So I invited his best friend instead. His friend happened to be the biggest nerd in my elementary school. I’m still not sure why I invited him. I think I probably had low self esteem and needed to practice being comfortable around a nerd before I could ever be comfortable around a boy I really liked. My friends at the time ridiculed both of us. If only geeks had been as cool back then as it is now!

Homecoming 1999: New set of friends. New random bro a girl set me up with. Her boyfriend drove us in his Camaro. It was an automatic, but for some reason he pretended it was a stick shift by putting it into Park at every stoplight. He tried to hard. We met at my friend Becky’s house for pictures. There were a group of us, including this one kid who seemed almost as awkward as me. He mainly stood in the corner slouching a lot.

The other day, Becky found some old pictures from high school complete with handwritten captions I’d added to the scrapbook!

Notice the weirdo on the right...and the other weirdo on the farthest right.

Notice the weirdo on the right…and the other weirdo on the farthest right.

More poses. And that weird boy in the background is still slouching.

More poses. And that weird boy in the background is still slouching.

Winter Dance 2000: New set of friends. New red dress. New random dude a friend set me up with. He had bad acne and wore a looney tunes tie.

Homecoming 2000: Yet another new set of friends – but these were the keepers! I don’t remember who I went to the dance with, or even what I wore.

Junior Ring Dance 2001: This was the first time I ever invited a boy I really liked. I’d had a crush on this boy – we’ll call him “Joe” because his name was Joe. He was my very first crush! It was the best dance ever. I didn’t wear a bra and I felt quite daring. At the end of the night, we went to an after-party. When it was time for me to leave, he walked me to my car. I told him I liked him, literally quoting a line from Sixteen Candles. He said he liked me as a friend only. I told him that was okay and said goodbye.

I sobbed so hard on my way home, I almost drove off the road. It was the worst night of my entire life.

About a month later, I started hanging out with this boy named Adam. I’d developed a bit of a a crush on him when we were introduced by mutual friends. I started visiting him at his after school job at a local sporting goods store. He liked me back. I found out his phone number and called him to invite him on a date. We went to the movies and he kissed me – my first kiss ever. (It wasn’t his first kiss. He was a total stud who had made out with several of my classmates already.)

He invited me to his Junior Ring dance.

Nice posture.

Nice posture. Sweet Doc Martens.

2001 Homecoming: I wore a blue strapless dress and brought my boyfriend, Adam.

Favorite dress of all dances, ever.

Favorite dress of all dances, ever.

2002 Valentine’s Dance at Adam’s School: I’d passed out and thrown up after donating blood earlier that day. But I was too amped about my sassy red dress to skip the dance.

Admittedly, I look a little pale...

Admittedly, I look a little pale…

2002 Prom: I wore a black and white ballgown and brought the boy I loved, Adam.

True story: My friend Becky and I went shopping together and each found a dress for only $29.99.

True story: My friend Becky and I went shopping together and each found a dress for only $29.99. Also, I sewed that purse myself.

So, the other day when my friend Becky sent me the pictures from freshman year above, imagine my surprise when I realized I knew who that awkward kid was.

2008: I married the boy who slouched in the corner and barely spoke a word.

We’ve been awkward together ever since.

And the awkwardness goes on...

Pictured: the opposite of awkward.

One thought on “An Awkward Love Story

  1. Ha! Love this. I looked at him in the first picture and recognized him! I didn’t realize you guys have been together since 2001! That’s awesome. Good for you and your awkwardness (I, too, am frequently awkward). 🙂

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